The King Country Wedding

Their story is a classic one. Two people in the midst of summer heat. It is often said that summer loves don’t last; however, for this duo, the summer was the foundation of a relationship that was sure to blossom and grow just as quick as summer passes. Molly was a twenty three year old student, studying to become a teacher. She had recently moved back from school and had obtained a summer job at Mayfield’s Visitor Center. People described her as passionate, driven, and carefree. Josh, a scruffy young man, was known around town as being laid back, charming, and kind. The two had grown up in the same town, attending the same events, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2014 that their paths would officially cross.

Molly was not looking for a relationship, in fact, she was die hard against it. She had fallen in love once before, and it had ended poorly. She was not prepared to experience that again, at least not yet. So, when her manager at Mayfield’s introduced her to her nephew, Molly saw it as just another new friend that she enjoyed talking with time from time. Blueberry cream pie with caramel was his ice cream of choice. When Josh met Molly, his visits to Mayfield’s became more frequent. His usual Friday afternoon snack became a daily visit. He enjoyed their talks and marveled at her wittiness. She intrigued him, and he wanted to know more about her. Two months after they met, Josh finally mustered up the courage to ask Molly on a date. They have been inseparable since.

And now, on October 8th, the two would officially be inseparable for life. The wedding was complete with memorabilia from their past. They opted out of many traditions because they wanted their wedding to be light, carefree, and faith based. It was a true representation of their relationship and what they wanted for their marriage. They were wed at Molly’s childhood church, Central Baptist, by her grandfather. They were completely engulfed by family and friends. The reception took place at Molly’s grandparents house under a beautifully lit white tent. The dessert, instead of cake, was homemade pies with freshly dipped Mayfield’s ice cream, blueberry cream pie to be exact. Stemming from the core of the dance floor, stood a beautiful green tree, draped in golden bistro lights. Guests filled their bellies with Mexican cuisine including tacos, salsa, guacamole and delicious white chicken chili made from an old family recipe. The couple’s three year old golden doodle, Clark, even made an appearance, sporting a bright blue bow tie.

Now, Josh and Molly reside in Athens, TN. Molly currently works as an eighth grade math teacher while pursuing her Masters in Education. Josh is excited to be working for the local hospital while completing his degree in Accounting. Both enjoy traveling to new places and seeing new sights and look forward to where their future takes them. The couple is ecstatic for their future as one and are excited to see where the journey takes them.

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